fumbling around on the piano in a daze i droned myself out to this little riff . recorded it on my phone and forgot about it. later on i added a tension-drone guitar using scissors and delay. a little poem came out while listening back which i recorded as vocals straight away.

funny little piece. as ever, an endless looping of waves i guess.

Open Nylon Beaters

you write letters
and never ask for answers
i hit nylon strings with softly spoken beaters


nylon strung acoustic guitar played with the beaters from my glockenspiel. muffled springs. i was after something much softer but ended up loving the sound they made; all sorts of strange overtones (harmonics) bounced around and inspired the rest of the song into being.

that being said, this song was the last to be completed - just for getting the flow of the whole piece right. sorta like hands into a radioactive-proof container fiddling, fumbling, playing, not looking… just listening.

happy friday all! here’s the opening track from the new album - in case you missed it, i finally let it go this week!

this song is ‘happy accidence’ - and as all of sonaura songs, it came about by exactly that. led by a dizzy little acoustic riff and drums jumping the waves into the sun. i made a video for it which you can find here:

i’m gonna try n post a song a week from the album and maybe tell you a little about each one. i’ll also be making some videos to accompany each song… don’t know why i do this to myself, but i feel they need a little visual something too… 

anyway.. enjoy! :D

“Art is full of happy accidents.” What’s cool too is that like, that accident is still underneath the painting, it’s still there, even if you can’t see it anymore. Even if you paint over it, and start completely over, that bit of paint is still underneath. Adding to the whole mystique.

Finger Paint   (via heartuntamed)

happy accidence!

So it’s finally here.. Happy Accidents do happen. 

it’s been laying around for years. ideas, recording, samples, dictafone snippets and sketchings in notebooks. waiting for a clearing. waiting for the clouds to part just enough.

and now it finally feels right. here is the collection i call ‘happy accidence’.

feel free to download it and share from the player above. totally free or name your price.